The currently demonstrated capabilities of the [Battlefield Airman] demo are an excellent starting point for performing this fusing before our men step from home station. Recommend that this effort can be continued and expanded.

Charles E. Heidal, MSgt, USAF, on Battlefield Airman

...I expected creative ideas--and dramatic 3D graphics. I was not disappointed; but I was happily surprised by the depth of technical insight that their solutions demonstrated. They have my unreserved recommendation for any project in which a creative approach to technology is valued.

Vince Castelli, Ph.D. on Swarmada

I worked with [GamesThatWork] on a very complex project that had tight deadlines and budgets. [Their] ability to move the project forward depended on [their] ability to be both creative and pragmatic, and the result was an award-winning educational game project that has been rated as "Best in Class" by industry experts. It was a joy to work with such talent, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Ben Allen, Acton School of Business, on Price Point

"I think the construct is excellent... I was really trying to learn the points, apply the points, and track/'get into' the storyline (which clearly has a lot of effort behind it). I felt there was a lot of thought put into the teaching points, the storyline, and the delivery mechanism... Overall, really good!" -Rob Hargis, senior duty officer in the White House Situation Room during the events of 9/11, responding to level 1 of Enemy of Reason

Rob Hargis on Enemy of Reason