ATV World Tour

GamesThatWork was called in to develop race course levels for the Nintendo 3DS game ATV World Tour. The 3DS has very primitive rendering technology and a low resolution display screen. Creating a 3D race game required clever tricks from programmers, level designers and artists. Blue Heat’s top programmer, ken Lightner developed the ATV race engine. GamesThatWork designed the 3D racing topology to maximize the fun from Ken’s physics. GamesThatWork artists Steph Chergi and Framarz Mistrys crafted the visual and physical world.

Players enjoy challenging racecourses that reward players that find good lines, take tight corners and catch huge air. Players race to take and hold the sweet spots on the course. They go as fast as they dair without skidding out of control or bouncing over the guardrails – when there are any guardrails.

Players race on sunny beaches of Southern California, on the icy fjords of Norway, atop the Great Wall of China, though medieval Bavarian castles. and in the pitch-black depths of a Siberian salt mine.

During the development a steady stream of teen and preteen kids came through the GamesThatWork studio to test the levels and to compete as each racecourse in the game was tuned and retuned by its designers.