Gas Hogs

Can you transcode animal DNA into the blueprints of vehicles?

It is the far future Рand people are passé.
Earth belongs to us – the wheeled beasts.
The Mechanimals.

We thirst for fuel, and must fight for the last few sips of the planet’s petroleum.

But cruel Gas-Hogs control every drop of oil.
How did the Gas-Hogs get control of all the oil?
Not by playing nice, that’s for sure.

Gas-Hogs are pigs. Literally, mechanical pigs.
They tromple the earth into a foul mash of mud and tar.
They smear the sky with greasy black smoke and terrible red flames, day and night.

This is still our beautiful planet Earth, but brothers and sisters, it looks like Hell!
It doesn’t have to be like this, so why do we let them mess up the world?
Because we need oil.

Inside us, the animal DNA is outraged!
Animals fight to be free!
We are not sheep!
(Except, of course, the sheep.)