Lost Symbol

Amid a swirl of dramatic fiction and religious speculation, Dan Brown’s hyper-popular novels (Da Vinci Code, et al) gain traction from the grit of some true facts and the strength of some real principles. The hero of the novels, Robert Langdon, expresses his faith in reason, in observation, in study, and in mental exercise.

Doubleday, Dan Brown’s publisher, approached us to create a game to promote the release of The Lost Symbol, the third Robert Langdon novel. The game was to be released for the iPhone, which was still very new and had relatively few games. They wanted an utterly simple game hat could be played immediately and won with only a little effort. It would be, in the words of a reviewer, the first appearance of “digital swag”.

Within these narrow constraints, we chose to model the best of Langdon – logic, observation, practice- and build a symbologist’s training device. It featured the heavy atmosphere and arcane glyphs dear to the readers of this series. It transformed the iPhone into mechanism of black lacquer and bronze. Brass shutters hid tiny lighted chambers which showcased mysterious symbols. It thrummed in your hand, evoking ancient resonances. In keeping with the creative brief, the gameplay was simple, but its execution maximized the virtues and flavors of Dan Brown’s world.

The Lost Symbol takes the player through intriguing clues that appear with the choice of various floating symbols... If symbols are chosen erroneously, the player's quest will have failed and it is back to the beginning with a different sequence of symbols.

GamersHell on The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol Memory Game takes a classic game of memory and adds an ancient twist to promote Dan Brown’s new novel. The game’s design takes on the theme of the book, which delves into the mysterious history of free masons... With 24 scroll-like shutters and 13 paired symbols from an unknown ancient alphabet, you have to find all matches...The shutters slide open with a quiet click, but guess wrong and they’ll close again like a cathedral door slamming shut. In the background, a haunting piano is playing accompanied by deep drums and a clarinet... Ladies and gentlemen, I give you digital swag.

Appolicious on The Lost Symbol

Lovers of Dan Brown and the 2003 hit The Da Vinci Code will certainly want to check this out... New to the App Store is ‘The Lost Symbol Memory Game’, a game that brings symbols, codes and ciphers to your iPhone’s display.

Intomobile on The Lost Symbol