Pie Jackers

There is lots of pizza, and lots of pizza drivers, but not many customers. When folks want pizza, they broadcast an order. All the Pie Jackers race to see who will make the delivery. If you get there first -with the right pizza- you get the tip

The city is full of obstacles, threats and powerups. And your opponents (either real friends or bots) are smart. You have a cheese cannon that will slow them down. But they have cheese cannons too. As you race toward the destination, you must find the toppings – pepperoni, mushrooms and even anchovies – your customer wants. Otherwise no tip.


  • Dozer is a bull-headed ex-Marine. Tough love, without all the love
  • Quiverly is a bit of a cracked egg. He seems mild. But you never know with Quiverly!!!
  • Nikki – You gotta love her. Or else! Cyndi Lauper is Nikki’s voice and she fears nothing.
  • Flaco, voiced by Cheech Marin, is utterly cool in the face of disaster -and of victory.
  • Levels

  • Capitol City is monumental. Slalom around dozens of Obelisks, intact and not so much. Deliver pizza to the president.
  • Motor City is Motown and 8 Mile Road. Fly through a huge factory, but watch out – there are loads of heavy machinery and time-based challenges.
  • Baja Merica has you scoot around cliff-dwellings and pueblos – between tall pyramids rising from the jungle. Lots of leaping over canyons.
  • Calgary Stampede is a chance to enjoy winter sports: luge and bobsled and ski jumps.
  • Time Squared is city of acceleration. Fly over the Brooklyn Bridge and under the skirts of the Statue of Liberty. Fly through Wall Street and Chinatown. Chase your buddy through subway tunnels.
  • San Andreas has broken away from the mainland completely. Surf through earthquakes and skate the shattered freeways. There’s even a bit of Hollywood glamour.
  • No Lando is all under water. But that hasn’t hurt the Theme Park business, which now includes Cape Canaveral. Rocket through a space-age water-sports amusement park.
  • You have a choice between four different characters suffering from a serious case of 90s 'tude and they don't hesitate showing that off. The controls are easy to pick up and play. Arrows to accelerate and turn and space to shoot creampies :D.

    BuckyJaKRBT on Pie Jackers

    [T]he cartoon characters, voiced by Cheech Marin and Cyndi Lauper among others, are lively companions and there are some nice comic touches. Once you've mastered the three basic tracks and collected enough tips from satisfied customers, you can buy special vehicles that allow you to race on the other four more inventive territories. The underwater No'land'O is particularly good fun.

    Geocities on Pie Jackers

    The race is on! And the competition is fierce. You race, you chase, you blob other pilots with cheese. You shalom around obstacles while shredding the mighty highway. Watch it! Those Biker Pigs will splatter you with slop! Whatever it takes, whatever you've got, deliver it hot and the competition is not!! Take along Nikki, Flaco, Dozer or Quiverlly to ride shot-gun. These co-pilots will show you the ropes, but dont depend on them to show you the way. You'll want to win a franchise in each of seven territories.

    KidsComputers on Pie Jackers