Why start a business?

You start a business to achieve a goal that is too large for you to do on your own. To launch a successful businesss, you must establish and commit to a clear goal. To build your business, you will need to recruit employees. Success now depends on the degree to which your new employees share your goals.

There are many ways to approach the problem of goal alignment in the company you are building. The ideal might be to clone yourself – but that has not yet been invented. Highly selective hiring can ensure deeply committed employees – but your company may fail as you wait for the ideal candidate. You might tolerate diversity of commitment – but you’ll discover that unlike other forms of diversity, it weakens your company by planting the seeds of deep discord. You may seek to personally inspire your staff with your goal system, and you may delegate this into a management structure that yields a corporate culture of commitment.

Players begin with a Pie Making Device and a dream of Pie for Everyone. They win the game by building a company that can accept an order from Mr Frischberg, a distributor who shares the goal of Pie for Everyone, but he orders Pie Devices by the thousands. To achieve this win condition, players must assemble and motivate a large complex team, while managing the limited assets.