Pop Quiz

Can competition be creative?

Coca Cola created a highly popular massively multiplayer activity for teenagers called Coke Music. As its name indicates, Coke Music had two complementary themes: Coca Cola and Music. Coca Cola was represented through branding and product placement. Music was everywhere.

Through their avatars, young people could could make friends and chat. Players could construct a room and trick it out with bling and musical gear purchased with the in-game currency. They earned this currency, ‘decibels‘, through a variety of achievements including success in Coke Music’s six games.

Among the contributions of GamesThatWork to the project, was the innovative multiplayer game, Pop Quiz. The game was designed to encourage creativity from the young players, while still producing a winner every round. The game pitted five players against one another in a game-show style setting. They competed in a variety of rounds.

Some were traditional trivia: answer a pop music question, name-that-tune, or identify a slowly revealed photo. Other rounds encouraged creativity with open-ended question, where the quickest wit wins. The culmination of these was the stylized Rap Battle, where young wannabes could spit rhymes. As each round began, you see three lines from a quatrain. For example:

Your ride is sweet.
That’s one fine car.
But inside smells
like ____________

You have a moment to complete the final line, then each player ranks the lines written by the four other players. The game combines the rankings and the top player wins decibels.